All about Investment Fund Services

Our history

We’ve been acting as the ACD/AFM for funds since 2008 and joined the Marlborough Group, one of the UK’s leading independently owned investment specialists, in 2013.

Today we have responsibility for more than £15 billion of investors’ money in our own Marlborough funds and those operated by over 20 other financial services companies in the UK.

We have helped many of these companies through every stage from product design to the launch and successful operation of funds. We have also worked with companies to enable them to unitise existing client portfolios into a fund structure. This can provide significant benefits for clients and for the fund sponsor’s business.

In addition, we have worked with firms to help them move seamlessly from another ACD to our service. We combine a rigorous commitment to our governance and regulatory responsibilities with an all-important ‘can do’ approach we apply to everything we do.

What also sets us apart is our partnership approach. We work with forward-thinking financial professionals, to help them achieve their ambitious growth targets by delivering good outcomes for investors.

The group

Investment Fund Services is part of the Marlborough Group, which has been operating regulated collective investment schemes since 1985 and first launched funds with external investment management and distribution in 1995.

The group’s capabilities also include active investment management from Marlborough, which offers a range of funds and portfolio Marlborough Select, which is a platform for financial advisers and their clients that combines digital-first technology with a commitment to exceptional service.

Why us?

All aspects of investment fund operation, management, oversight, and distribution are covered by experienced and highly knowledgeable teams. We believe that this knowledge, combined with our strongly embedded values, gives us the capability and expertise to provide the effective and robust oversight expected by both the regulator and investors.
Experienced Team
Our professional teams have a great understanding of the fund administration industry and have well-established relationships with custodians, depositaries, professional partners, and auditors. We have a long track record in providing host ACD and fund administration services and in doing so we apply exactly the same rigorous standards and commitment to quality developed over years.
Financial Stability
We have the financial strength and stability that comes with being part of the privately owned Marlborough Group, which has been managing funds since 1986 and has over £15 billion of assets under management. Being part of a group that includes a leading fund management business, also means we have invaluable practical understanding of the fund management industry.

Our Board

Allan Hamer

Chief Executive Officer | Investment Fund Services

Dom Clarke

Chief Financial Officer | Marlborough Group

Sally Helston

Executive Director | Investment Fund Services

Helen Redmond

Third Party Relationships Director

Sarah Peaston

Independent Non-Executive Director | Investment Fund Services

Katherine Damsell

Independent Non-Executive Director | Investment Fund Services